Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most famous cities in Brazil. It is the second most populous city in Brazil and it was established by the Portuguese in 1565. Since then, Rio de Janeiro has grown to become one of the most famous cities not just in Brazil, but around the world. Rio was also host to the 2016 Summer Olympics and the Maracanã Stadium in Rio held the 1950 and 2014 finals of the World Cup.

Another famous landmark in Rio is Copacabana beach. It is a long stretch of beach that attracts many tourists and many events are held here. Most likely, you have already seen Copacabana beach on TV. FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup has also been held at Copacabana beach 3 times, starting from 2005. In addition, every year during New Year’s Eve, there is a big celebration on Copacabana beach. The NYE celebration includes a long and extravagant fireworks, and there is also a concert that runs throughout the night. Approximately 2 million people come to see the NYE celebration on Copacabana beach and it also draws tourists not only from Brazil, but also from around the world.

In addition, another famous attraction, Christ the Redeemer is also located in Rio de Janeiro. The statue sits atop Corcovado mountain, overlooking much of the city. Construction on the statue started in 1922 and it was finally completed in 1931. When you reach the top to see Christ the Redeemer, you also have a very nice lookout on much of the city. Christ the Redeemer is also one of the largest statues of Jesus in the entire world and including the pedestal, it has a height of 38 meters or 125 feet.

And every year, there is the famous annual Rio de Janeiro carnival, which is one of the largest carnivals in the entire world. Up to 2 million people will partake in the celebrations on the streets of Rio. In addition, some 200 or so Samba schools will take part in the parade, showing the samba way of dancing, marching, and drumming. The Rio Carnival dates back to the 1650s. Since then, as the city of Rio has continued to grow, the carnival has grown with it to become the fabulous celebration that it is today. Because the number of participants in the parade has grown over time, including the number of samba schools that participate in the parade, the Rio Carnival today now spans several days of celebration.

Other attractions you may want to visit in Rio are Sugarloaf mountain, Ipanema beach, Tijuca National Park, São Bento, the Municipal Theater, and Maracanã stadium. As mentioned before, Maracanã Stadium held the 1950 and 2014 finals of the World Cup, and it has been used to host other world events. If you come to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is a place you can’t miss on your itinerary and we hope you enjoy all the festivities and attractions in Rio!