Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls not just in South America, but one of the most famous waterfalls in the entire world. It is located on the south side of Brazil in ParanĂ¡ state and it is an official national park in Brazil. The falls separate the Iguazu river into the upper Iguazu river and lower Iguazu river.

The Iguazu Falls is shaped like a “J” with the Iguazu river flowing and then turning into the Devil’s Throat where most of the falls lies. The falls are also shared by the Brazil and Argentina. The are also hotels along side the falls, both on the Brazilian and Argentinian side. On the Brazilian side of the falls, the hotel is Hotel das Cataratas. You can see the falls from Hotel das Cataratas and there is also a nice pool at the hotel, plus a nice garden for you to relax and walk through.

The Iguazu Falls is so grand, it is approximately 3 times the size of Niagra Falls. On the Brazil side of the falls, you will get a nice panoramic view of the falls, allowing you to enjoy the grandeur and scale of the falls. You can visit the falls the entire year but since the peak of the rain season is between December and February, the water flow will be higher during this time and the falls will be more powerful in this time period as well.

On the Brazilian side of the falls, since there is only one trail, it is quite easy to navigate and see everything that you want to see from the falls. Also, be careful of the spray from the falls if you are worried about getting wet. It is a waterfall after all so expect to be sprayed by some water and expect to get wet to a certain extent!