Cangas in Brazil

From a foreigner who is not familiar with Brazilian customs, a Canga just looks like a towel that you would use at the beach. But to Brazilians, the Canga is so much more than that. Cangas are not only used as towels, but they can be worn in all sorts of manners, including as a scarf, as a skirt, as a cape, as a toga … you name it!

You can buy canagas all over Brazil, but especially at the beach in Brazil. There will be a lot of canga sellers by the beach, especially during peak season. In addition, cangas are worn by many Brazillian women, especially at the beach, because they find it fashionable. Women at the beaches in Brazil will wear a canga at the beach like they wear a skirt or dress, with their bikini underneath. Cangas also come in many different designs and patterns, so take your time at the beach to find a canga that fits your particular taste and style.

In general, cangas are also a little more compact that a typical beach towel so you should be able to fit more cangas in your bag when you go to the beach. And in general, cangas can dry faster then towels and also, the sand tends not to stick to cangas as tightly as sands sticks to towels. Cangas are also really cheap. They cost roughly between 10 to 50 reals. Just negotiate with the seller of the canga and perhaps you may get better deal when you purchase it, especially if you purchase multiple cangas from the same seller at the same time. It may also be a little cheaper to get them at the stores off the beach so shop around to find the best deal that you can get.

Today, cangas have become an integral part of the Brazilian culture. You can find them all over the beaches in Brazil. If you visit Brazil, you definitely want to get a canga to bring back to your home country. Cangas also make excellent gifts to friends; they are generally unisex and the same size of canga can fit many people, short or tall. Just like you go to the UK and you have to get some fish & chips, or you go to Japan and you have to try some sushi, if you’re in Brazil, you got get a canga! So if you’re in Brazil and you are looking to find a good gift, pick up some cangas and explain to your friends the culture of cangas in Brazil!