Ilha Do Campeche (Campeche Island)

Ilha Do Campeche, otherwise known as Campeche Island, is one of the most beautiful islands in Brazil. You have clear water and fine sandy beaches. It is also a favorite spot for surfers and there are other aquatic activities on the island. The beaches are a nice white sandy beach and the water is a very nice clear water. It is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches and one of the most beautiful island that you can find in Brazil. It is also a protected nature reserve because it has certain unique animals and species, and it also has some archaeological monuments being studied by archaeologists.

Because of the protected status of Ilha Do Campeche, only several hundred visitors are allowed there per day. So you need to plan ahead if you want to go to Ilha Do Campeche to ensure you get in before the quota is filled. Also, because the island is a protected site, camping is not allowed on the island and there also aren’t any hotels available on the island either. So you will have to do a day trip there.

Ilha Do Campeche is located just off the east coast of Florianopolis, on the south side of Brazil. The closest airport to Ilha Do Campeche is Florianópolis-Hercílio Luz International Airport, so the island is not too difficult to get to if you are travelling there by plane. You still need to get to the pier and catch a boat to the island but otherwise, it’s quite convenient to get to because of its proximity to Florianópolis-Hercílio Luz International Airport.

There are different trails that you can take so talk to your tour guide to find the trail that best suits your visit. Plan ahead and find a suitable tour guide to take you to the island and you will enjoy one of the most beautiful islands in Brazil. We highly recommend that you visit Ilha Do Campeche, otherwise known as Campeche Island, when you get the chance to visit Brazil!